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This site is all about painting your own nails with Konad stamping kits…

Paint your own nails?

Yes, you can go out to the mall or your favorite beauty shop to get them done and pay someone else a good amount of money. Or, you can save your money and invest in some stamping kits and do your own nails as often as you’d like. You’re in full control here and cost is at a minimum. Think of all the possibilities and how much fun it would be!

Whats in a stamping kit?

This is just referencing some plates that have a design etched into it. The idea is to put some nail polish over the etched design, then use a rubber stamp to transfer that design onto your nails. Thats all it takes to stamp your own nails!! Other items that would help are nail polish remover, and some protective coating. Don’t forget the cotton balls.

Whats Konad?

Konad specializes in nail stamping. They produce many of the cooler nail templates and polishes. They sell these in prepacked kits or you can buy them separately from various sources online. There’s also a bunch of Konad nail stamping kits on eBay (if thats your thing — Don’t forget Bing Cashback!).

Still confused?

Maybe this isn’t the right thing for you! :) Just kidding. You can comment here and ask any questions you’d like. I’ll help if I can. Whatever you do…just have fun!

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debbie // July 8th, 2010 - 6:19 AM

I dont see anywhere on your site that i can add you to blogger,yahoo, google or email how do i add oyu? i would love to follow you

StampingNails // July 8th, 2010 - 5:58 PM

I don’t know how to add that kinda of option on my website. Can anyone help me? I want a way to keep track of my follwers.

I do have a Facebook fan page if anyone is interested. Search for Stampingnails.com

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