Bundle Monster Haul from Walmart

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Got an early birthday from my hubby!  Something that I’ve been wanting even though I know I don’t need because I have so much already.  What is it?  Come and check it out!



Happy Halloween Everyone!

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

I wanted to get into the Halloween mood so I decided to do a quick manicure.  At first I wanted to use the blank crackle polish that’s why I used a white base coat but for some reason I ended up using the Bundle Monster plate instead.

Colors used:

  1. Basecoat – Zoya Purity (2 coats)
  2. Bundle Monster Plate – BM13
  3. Nail Art – Koand special blank polish
  4. Nail Art – Zoya Posh Mat
  5. Top coat – Sally Hansen – Clear’d for takeoff #130 (to seal in everything)

I randomly printed spider webs all over my nails.  Than I added a spider for color.  You guys like my manicure?  My sister mentioned that it would have looked better if I were to use a black base color and white for the webs…I totally agree but at the time I was planning to use the crackle nail polish.

Well Happy Halloween Everyone!  Eats lots of candy?

Color my toes.

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Flip flop season is here.  I’ve been coloring my toes but the last couple times I didn’t take pictures to post.  I just don’t like how my fat toes look.  hehe.  Well if I don’t post this time than I really have another else to post so what the heck.

I’ve used this color polishes below in the past.  The only new thing I’m showing here is the plate image.  Again, the stamping polish is kinda light but it does look nice in the sun light.  It makes my pedicure very shimmery.  :)

Sally Hansen “Back to the Fuchsia” #530 was used for the base color and Wet n Wild -  236C Silvivor was used for the stamping color.  The image plate used here is the Bundle Monster (1st Set) plate BM19.

Thanks for coming back to view this site.  I will hopefully post more soon.

Happy 4th Everyone!

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I’m feeling very patriotic this year.  So why not do an Independence Day mani.  For the base color I used Posh/Mat (Zoya).  To my surprise I couldn’t find much reds in my collection.  Maybe I had lent them all out… :)   Well, love this Mat color.  Application was very smooth.  And since I was planning to use some stamps I only applied one coat here.

Second step, I wanted to add some blue.  I purchased a bottle of Lagoon (SinfulColors – Nail Art Polish).  It was $1.99 at Walgreens.  It’s my first time using these kind of polishes.  They come with very thin/fine brushes so you can paint designs on your nails.  Since I don’t have steady hands I wasn’t able to draw anything too fancy.  Also no nail looked the same. Oh well…

Third step…I used a image from the BM21 Plate (from the Bundle Monster 1st Set).  And since I have red and blue already I used the Konad White special nail polish. I picked the star image here below.

And to finish it off I used the Sally Hansen Salon Clear Coat (Clear’d for takeoff).

So what do you think?  Sorry I was too lazy to clean things off.  Any some of my pictures are dark and blurry.  I have a new camera coming so hopefully I’ll be able to take better pictures.  :)

Happy 4th Everyone!  Have fun and be safe!

My new toys…

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Lately I’ve noticed that people have new nail art images on their nails.  I later learned that they used plates called Fauxnad Plates.  They are not Konad plates but they work just like them.  The plates are numbered BM01 through BM21. All 21 for $17.99 shipped free here in the US from Bundle Monster who’s a seller from Amazon.  Thanks to Susie, I now have new plates to play with. 

It took them a week for them to deliver them.  I also added a 50 PC 3D Designs Nail Art Fimo Canes set to my order.  It cost me $9.99.  They are so cute!  All I need to figure out now is what I can use to cut them. I’ll have to stop by a crafts store or Home Depot for a thin blade or something.

Check out all the images and the fimo canes I’ve gotten!

I used some plates already.  I will post them up soon.  Remember to come back and check them out!