Bundle Monster Haul from Walmart

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Got an early birthday from my hubby!  Something that I’ve been wanting even though I know I don’t need because I have so much already.  What is it?  Come and check it out!



Fun Floral Pedicure

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Just playing around with different polishes and different colors.

I used a white based coat.  Than I selected a blue shade and a floral print from a stamping nail plate.  And lastly I used a dotting tool with a pink shade polish. Looks messy but once I cleaned it up a bit it does look very cute.

There’s no right way to do your manicures or pedicures.  Just play around and have fun with it.  Enjoy your summer everyone and come back and visit soon!

Peachy floral manicure

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Another beautiful manicure



Thanks sis for sharing.

Disney Frozen kids pedicures

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Who doesn’t love Frozen? My kids and I love it. So I decided to give them a little treat and gave them a Frozen pedicure.





I used two different shades of blue. I than uses a white polish for the snowflake image. Also a dotting tool to create snow falling on the other small nails. Than I topped and sealed everything with a clear coat. (Suggestion: when dealing with small kids it’s best to use a fast drying top coat. I need to buy that next time because one of the nails is already smudged. Oh well).

So what is everyone favorite disney movie? Let me know. :)

Pretty with blue lace nails

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Another one of my sister’s manicure. Sorry I haven’t been doing any myself. I’ve just been so busy and lazy. :)




This is a very cute design. And I love how the colors go so well together. So sis…what you going to show is next? Hehe