Fun Floral Pedicure

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Just playing around with different polishes and different colors.

I used a white based coat.  Than I selected a blue shade and a floral print from a stamping nail plate.  And lastly I used a dotting tool with a pink shade polish. Looks messy but once I cleaned it up a bit it does look very cute.

There’s no right way to do your manicures or pedicures.  Just play around and have fun with it.  Enjoy your summer everyone and come back and visit soon!

Nude Pink with Cooper Bling

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Used Essie “Innocent”. Used two coats because it was a little sheer and streaky. Not sure if it’s because it’s an old polish or if it’s like that to begin with. I had this color for many years now. 

On the ring fingers I used Sephora OPI “Stopper Cooper”. I didn’t use it on the whole nail. I tried to do a gradient effect so one end has more giltter than the other.  


My daughter wanted a manicure so I picked a hot pink color from Sally Hansen and used nail stickers purchased from Clarie’s. These stickers adds a nice touch don’t you think?  They are easy to use and just too cute. Highly recommend nail stickers. Her sandals were purchased at Payless if anyone is wondering. 


Thanks again for visiting. 

Kids with pedicure using dotting tools

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After completing my manicure my kids insisted me on doing theirs. So I decided to use the dotting tools on their toes.



I used NYC glitter polish called #105a Starry Silver Gillter. Do not recommend at all. Even though the NYC polishes are cheap I still consider this one a waste of money. It’s hard to grab any glitter at all.

Beside having a polish that didn’t work. The rest if it was simple and fast. And it made them happy!

Disney Frozen kids pedicures

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Who doesn’t love Frozen? My kids and I love it. So I decided to give them a little treat and gave them a Frozen pedicure.





I used two different shades of blue. I than uses a white polish for the snowflake image. Also a dotting tool to create snow falling on the other small nails. Than I topped and sealed everything with a clear coat. (Suggestion: when dealing with small kids it’s best to use a fast drying top coat. I need to buy that next time because one of the nails is already smudged. Oh well).

So what is everyone favorite disney movie? Let me know. :)

Copper Shimmer with OPI

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Another pedicure.  I’ve done this over a week ago and just now decided to take some pictures to post them up.  It’s a very simple and girly pedicure…I think…

These are the polishes I picked and steps I used:

Sally Hansen – Shall We Dance #160 (for the color)
OPI – Traffic-Stopper Cooper (for the shimmer)
Sally Hansen – Clear’d for takeoff #130 (to seal in everything)

Step one:  I wanted a neutral shade so I picked Sally Hansen – Shall we dance.  It’s a very nude pink shade.  Very pretty.  This polish is from the Complete Salon Manicure line.  So it comes with a very wide brush which makes application very easy.  I love polishes from that line.

Step two: Once the color coat dries I applied the OPI – Traffic-Stopper Cooper.  Just to add a little glitter, a little bling to my manicure.  I love the cooper color.  And it goes very nicely with the nude pink.  Since this polish comes with small and big glitter you do have to play around with the brush and polish to spread things around.

Step three:  Once the glitter coat dries apply the final clear coat to seal everything up.  Prefect!

Sorry about the tan lines. And as you can see this mani is old…my nails are beginning to grow out.  Well enjoy!  Hope you enjoy my post!